We strongly believe that the talent is not age driven and parents play a vital role in nurturing their kids’ talent by providing them the right platform. Thus, Indian Models Club has created a platform called Flair Fizz, which will not only groom children in several areas, but will also promote them on a variety of platforms.

There are 2 great actors of the Indian Cinema whose talent worldwide acclaimed, Kamal Hassan and Sridevi Kapoor. The lesser known fact is their journey of success started at a very young age. Haasan won best actor “The President's Gold Medal – Rashtrapathi Award” at the age of four and further evolved as a great actor of the Indian cinema. Whereas, Sridevi won the Kerala State Film Award for the “Best Child Artist” and further became the first female superstar of Bollywood.

Parents' decision and encouragement to promote their kids’ with Indian Models Club can actually change the child’s life by turning him/her into a great model or actor. There will be free photo shoot and Auditions at selected schools across Delhi- NCR to select bright students for Zonal competitions. The winners of Zonal will represent Delhi at State Level Competition.